Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tea Party Republican Pastor Planning 'Burn A Quran Day' to Commemorate 9/11

Burn the Quran?

Despite the potential harm that he is bringing to American troops overseas, Tea party Republican pastor Terry Jones intends to push ahead with plans to burn the Quran at his Florida church on September 11th. Even requests from General David Petraeus himself have been ignored.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who doesn’t believe that the Christian extreme right wing of the Republican Party isn’t fascist, better think again! “When books are burned in the end people will be burned too.” Heinrich Heine German critic & poet (1797 - 1856). Remember that the Nazi’s burned books in the 1930’s, and went on to burn people as well.

Books are meant to be read, even if you don’t agree with the contents. If the Christian fascists think that the Islamic fascists are their enemy, then they should read the Koran to better understand their enemy. Instead, they decide to burn it! If the Islamic community over-reacts to this, they will be playing right into the hands of the Christian right wing, and making a case in their favor.

A more moderate approach might be to burn a hundred Bibles. Why not? Like Islamic extremists using the Koran to justify mistreatment of women, the Christian right take extreme quotes from the Bible (especially the Old Testament), and use them to justify persecuting gays, and to bomb abortion clinics.

These fundamentalist evangelical born-again Christians with guns believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible, ignoring carbon 14 dating and the fossil record. Many believe that the Earth is only about 6000 years old since it was created by God. The fact is that man has been here only a fraction of time compared with the dinosaurs, which existed for millennia in comparison. What did God do during this time while the T-Rex was eating other dinosaurs and making babies? He must have enjoyed the show to have let it last so long.

It is obvious that these extremist Christians are selective about what they take out of the Bible to justify their actions, ignoring the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. They protest the building of an Islamic center near ground zero, even though 911 was never thoroughly investigated to begin with. The 911 Commission was controlled from the White House, and completely ignored the collapse of Building 7, as well as the money trail to Pakistan’s ISI.