Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bandana's BBQ: A Must Have If You Are In St. Louis

I usually avoid blogging on local interests but this meal was just too good.

Bandana's BBQ is a must have if you are ever in St. Louis. I have wanted to check out this restaurant for at least a year, but with my work and grad school schedule, the planets never aligned. But today everything fell into place. This restaurant is a small local/regional chain, and this particular location was in Rock Hill, in southwest suburban St. Louis. I was just finishing up a doctors visit in the area...and this time remembered to pay a visit.

Due to recent health issues, I had to order the turkey platter. I included a healthy baked potato and some baked beans to make a pretty decent meal. The server was outstanding and the food came out nice and quick. The turkey was slow smoked to perfection. And my sides were just as I ordered them (must give credit for that... I am finding that a lot of restaurants get confused and screw order when I ask for no seasoning/no salt). Someone always checked on me every 10 minutes or so, but I didn't feel smothered. Granted... I chose to go during the middle of the week at a time when the restaurant was not packed with dinner guests. Although I hate crowds...and usually avoid them if I can, I may go back at a busier time to see if I get the same service.

I would rate the service at about a 9. The food gets an 8.5. I would give the restaurant an 8.5 overall. But that's just based on one visit. Unfortunately I had to lay off the BBQ ribs (my favorite BBQ...as it is for most people). But I will cheat on my diet and try the ribs in moderation on my next visit. It has been said many times that Bandana's has some of the best BBQ in St. Louis.... maybe even THE best. The top of the BBQ hill is a steep one in St. Louis, since we are one of the nation's top regions for BBQ, along with Kansas City, Memphis, Chicago, Mississippi, the Carolinas and Texas (among others). There are several others who claim the top spot here - Piccadilly at Manhattan, Pappy's, and 17th Street Bar & Grill to name a few.

I hope to try them all at some point to find out for myself which is best.

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