Saturday, August 11, 2012

So, it's Romney/RYAN....

And somewhere high atop of the Prudential Building, Team Obama is going



Willard Romney has once again shown that he has no spine, and caved to the right-wing by choosing the Zombie-Eyed Grannie Killer known as Congressman Paul Ryan. He didn't even choose his own VP Candidate.

What did Grover Norquist say?

They don't need anyone that actually thinks in the White House, only someone to sign the bills shoved in front of them.

Willard has shown repeatedly that he has no core, no center, no spine.

And, the President gets what he wants: a clear CHOICE for November.

The Ryan Budget plan is now the ROMNEY/RYAN Budget plan until Election Day.

Willard chose as a running mate, Dubya's House Point Man on Privatizing Social Security, the author of VOUCHERCARE, which they got the GOP House to vote for not once, but TWICE.

Oh yes, the high fives went up all over the Prudential Building once this was leaked last night. The last group that was stubborn to the President have been Seniors - now, they have to confront for for the scary Black man or vote for those who would take away their Social Security and Medicare. With this selection, these Seniors have been bitchslapped into reality.

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Brian E. said...

I still can't believe it.