Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Yesterday Was Election Day, and Some Positive Signs

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Well, yesterday was voting day. Here are the results:

From OHIO:

From TPM.Com
Ohio Voters Emphatically Reject Kasich’s Anti-Union Law

Eric Kleefeld November 8, 2011, 9:21 PM

Ohio Democrats, who got absolutely creamed in the 2010 elections, have now won a major victory over Republican Gov. John Kasich — massively winning a referendum to repeal Kasich’s anti-public employee union law.

With 19% of precincts reporting — which includes a significant chunk of the total ballots, due to early-votes being counted quickly — the bill known as SB 5 is losing by a margin of 63%-37%, and the “No” position has been projected as the winner by the Associated Press.

Pre-election polling showed the No campaign winning by over 20 points — and it seemed possible at time of writing that the final margin might even surpass this.

As TPM has documented, SB 5 has become a political poster child for Democrats pushing against Republicans, following the 2010 GOP wave, with the Dems and labor unions mobilizing while at the same time Kasich’s popularity tanked in the polls.

From Maine - this is good news against Voter Suppression 2012
1-08-2011 9:44 PM
AP: Maine Voters Say Yes To Same Day Registration

Voters in Maine have approved a ballot measure on allowing same day voter registration. The state had previously moved to require voters register no later than two days before an election. It was defeated 59 - 41 %.The state Republican Party had run ads urging the issue’s defeat, by suggesting that pro-gay rights groups supported it.


From Mississippi about the Personhood Amendment (aka, attacking women's rights, including her right to BIRTH CONTROL)

58-42 against with 49% reporting
AP called it. The Personhood Amendment has gone down to defeat.

From Arizona:

Russell Pearce lost in Arizona.
Pearce is the author of the WHAT ABOUT IF YOU AIN'T WHITE, DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND Law in Arizona.

DNC Chair Discusses Democratic Victories on MSNBC

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