Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Dems Should POUND POUND POUND on the "Secret Donors" Issue

This angle by the White House about going after the Chamber of Commerce and their donor list, must be hitting a nerve. Nothing like putting FOREIGN CORPORATION and FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS in your commercials to make folks, who don't exactly know what the Chamber is up to - to take notice. And now, that the Dems have a good meaty issue, folks don't understand why Dems are ' picking on the Chamber'. Picking on the Chamber?


They are spending 100 MILLION DOLLARS, this campaign cycle - ALL AGAINST DEMOCRATS


Rachel Maddow nails the issue again about Big Money Hiding Donors.


VERB said...

I've discussed this with some people and I'm utterly amazed how many don't think this a real issue. That is, until I break it down.

The Angry Independent said...

Long time no read Verb.

Agree 100%..amazed myself. It's something that should have people in an uproar. But the nation has been slowly hypnotized and indoctrinated with this for so long... that it has become acceptable. So when these stories come to light... they don't shock the senses (like they should). People are numb to it.... part of that comes from being ill-informed as well.

It also doesn't help when folks are more concerned with paying rent and keeping food on the table, esp. as a result of Bush's Great Recession. These stories are moved way down on the list of importance for people in this environment.